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App of the Week – Speed Up Your Data Entry with Custom Object Lead Conversion

Frustrated by a long and tedious process of converting data and custom objects from your leads into Accounts, Contact and Opportunities? Doing all the conversion by hand can take time, or possibly require a developer to do some customized work. That is exactly what Custom Object Lead Conversion can help you avoid. The app provides […]

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Tip of the Week – Tasks your team should know how to do in Salesforce

Having a Salesforce consultant to help you along your journey to CRM success is an invaluable resource. Your consultant is an expert in building a strong architecture, anticipating future requirements, and identifying potential challenges and valuable improvements based on your needs. But consulting services can be expensive. Having someone on your team who can take […]

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Tip of the Week – Workflow can update Master records in Salesforce

Salesforce administrators and developers have long been familiar with the classic workflow rule limitation where a field update on a related object just won’t work. If you’ve hit this limitation in the past, you’ve probably employed a number of solutions, including Triggers, apps, or the Process Builder, but each comes with its own limitations, quirks, […]

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