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App of the Week – Draggin Role

For any admin who had a large volume of users to manage, you want to take a look at this week’s app. Setting up user roles, and them changing them is usually not quick or easy to visualize how its all organized. Unless of course, you have an app specifically designed to do that! Draggin […]

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App of the Week – “Clone This User” for a Faster Admin Process

Administrators often have lengthy and somewhat tedious processes to keep their companies running smoothly. Creating a new user profile is no exception. This app simplifies that process. Clone This User allows you to quickly clone an existing user profile, keeping the settings and permissions intact for the new profile. For whatever your use, from mass […]

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App of the Week – Become a Permission Set Master with The Permissioner

This tried and true app will always be important, no matter how much your company grows and changes. Setting up profiles and permission sets can be a tedious process, especially for larger organizations. With The Permissioner, you have a single interface where all your permissions are set up from, giving you maximum efficiency, power, and […]

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