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App of the Week – Salesforce Labs Solutions Guide

If you regularly browse the Salesforce AppExchange to see the latest and greatest applications and functionalities available out there, like we do here at CloudMyBiz, then you will most likely have run across the Salesforce Labs Solutions once or twice. The Labs Solutions are add on apps, created by Salesforce themselves. They provide powerful functionality, […]

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App of the Week – Round Robin Assigner

Round robin assignment is nothing new, and there are plenty of apps out there that either feature assignments, or are devoted specifically to them. However, this is the only one that comes directly from Salesforce. Built by Salesforce Labs, the Round Robin Assigner can take any object and assign it in order, to your group. […]

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Tip of the Week – Understanding Sandbox Types

For just about every installation of Salesforce, a Sandbox will be used. What is a Sandbox? It is a copy of your organization in a separate environment that can be used for a variety of purposes (such as testing and training) without compromising the data and applications in your Salesforce.com production organization. However, the Sandbox […]

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App of the Week – Quickly validate phone numbers in Salesforce with RingsTrue

Salesforce is an amazing platform to facilitate and generate sales. With so many people and organizations connected, reaching out and connecting to potential business opportunities has never been easier. While having so much contact information at your fingertips is a fantastic resource, nothing can be more frustrating than getting stopped at the starting line by […]

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App of the Week – Currency is easy in Salesforce with the Currency Conversion Tool

In the ever expanding global market of the 21st Century, it’s important to be able to do business with your customers wherever they may be. Salesforce knows this, and has built-in multi-currency support. The problem is, sometimes you don’t need an Opportunity, you don’t want to create and save records, wait for page loads, change […]

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App of the Week – Get real insight on your sales process with Track Opportunity Stage on Activities for Salesforce

Winning Opportunities is crucial to success, but it can be difficult to really understand what steps and how many touch points are necessary to move sales through the pipeline. You need real data to know where to target your efforts, and Salesforce Labs has a fantastic solution to help streamline your sales process, Track Opportunity […]

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