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App of the Week – Round Robin Assigner

Round robin assignment is nothing new, and there are plenty of apps out there that either feature assignments, or are devoted specifically to them. However, this is the only one that comes directly from Salesforce. Built by Salesforce Labs, the Round Robin Assigner can take any object and assign it in order, to your group. […]

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App of the Week – Assignment automation is easy in Salesforce with Distribution Engine

Assignment Rules are easy to create and maintain in Salesforce. But if you’ve got complex routing requirements, or if you want to use assignment rules for objects other than Leads or Cases, you’re going to have to build something very custom and very complicated. Instead of trying to build and maintain a bunch of custom […]

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App of the Week – Assignment Rules have never been easier with Round Robin Distributor for Salesforce

As we approach our 100th Tip and App of the Week, I’ve been spending some time looking back over posts from the last two years. Some have been exciting, some silly, some talking about new features, others presenting solutions to some everyday Salesforce problems. One subject we circle back on a lot is Assignment Rules. […]

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