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Tip of the Week – Dreamforce Tips #4 – Implementing Salesforce1 for mobile is a breeze

If your office is anything like mine, it’s constantly pinging and ringing and buzzing with mobile notifications. With the accessibility of smartphones, every workforce is at least a little bit mobile, and giving your team mobile access to their Salesforce data lets them close more deals, faster, on the go. But if you’ve considered implementing […]

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Tip of the Week – Dreamforce Tips #3: Play with every release early for free

Salesforce receives significant upgrades several times every year, creating an exciting, dynamic, and ever-evolving environment for customers and those of us who love the system. This weekend is the final rollout for the Winter ’16 release, and among the new features is the incredible Lightning Experience (if you’ve not checked it out yet, do that […]

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Sanity, Selflessness and Salesforce: A guide to not losing your marbles at Dreamforce 2015

Dreamforce… Inspiration. Imagination. Innovation. Inanition. Indisposition. Enervation. Houston… We have a problem. Dreamforce is one of the largest tech conferences in the world. Over 160,000 people attending, and a place where even the most extroverted can find themselves overwhelmed. With less than a week to go, do you have the knowledge you need to make […]

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