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App of the Week – Essential Cloud Data Protection with CloudLock

If you rely on cloud technology to operate your business, comprehensive data and information security are essential for you. Though Salesforce is known for being reliable and secure, it never hurts to have added protection layers installed on your end. This app by CloudLock allows you to continuously monitor your Salesforce environment, improve security and […]

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App of the Week – Use DemandTools for Powerful Administrator Productivity

This data quality toolset gives administrators significantly increased power over their data. Use it to mass load, manipulate and verify any data. You can de-dupe data sets (even Leads that duplicate Contacts or Accounts) and compare external data to Salesforce data. DemandTools is exactly what administrators need to manage and control their Salesforce org. “DemandTools […]

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App of the Week – Quickly validate phone numbers in Salesforce with RingsTrue

Salesforce is an amazing platform to facilitate and generate sales. With so many people and organizations connected, reaching out and connecting to potential business opportunities has never been easier. While having so much contact information at your fingertips is a fantastic resource, nothing can be more frustrating than getting stopped at the starting line by […]

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Tip of the Week – Commit to better Salesforce data in 2017

In the Salesforce industry, there’s a phrase we throw around regarding data quality: “junk in, junk out.” When your team has clean, well-organized data, your whole business benefits. Sales knows they’re not prospecting an existing customer, Marketing can trust their emails are getting delivered, Support can get a full understanding of customer history, and executives […]

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