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6 Tips for Better Salesforce Data Migration

Data Migration can be a stressful and challenging process, even for seasoned professionals. The more complex the system, and the longer you have been collecting data, the harder it can be to accurately understand, process and transfer all your essential business data. Over the years, maybe you changed some of your business processes or added […]

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App of the Week – Speed Up Your Data Entry with Custom Object Lead Conversion

Frustrated by a long and tedious process of converting data and custom objects from your leads into Accounts, Contact and Opportunities? Doing all the conversion by hand can take time, or possibly require a developer to do some customized work. That is exactly what Custom Object Lead Conversion can help you avoid. The app provides […]

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Tip of the Week – Salesforce Dataloader, coming to a Mac near you

Importing data into Salesforce gets easier every day. There’s tons of tools and tutorials to get you through the process. If the native Import Wizard or dataloader.io will do the trick, then you’ve got perfect platform-agnostic utilities to get your data in the system. But if you have specific needs which require Salesforce’s Dataloader desktop […]

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