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App of the Week – Increase Client Satisfaction with Intelligent Gifting from Salesforce

Many apps you find out there, whether on the app exchange or elsewhere, are often effective, functional, but somewhat dull solutions to business problems. SwagIQ is an exception to the boring app. SwagIQ is built to automate and streamline something everyone enjoys: giving and getting free stuff. Boost client engagement, increase close rates and free […]

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App of the Week – Speed Up Your Data Entry with Custom Object Lead Conversion

Frustrated by a long and tedious process of converting data and custom objects from your leads into Accounts, Contact and Opportunities? Doing all the conversion by hand can take time, or possibly require a developer to do some customized work. That is exactly what Custom Object Lead Conversion can help you avoid. The app provides […]

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App of the Week – Simplify Salesforce permissions with Permission Assignment Rules

If you’re a Salesforce administrator, you know how difficult it can be to manage a complex permission structure for your business. Standard Salesforce permissions can fall short when you want to have both limited visibility of a record, but also grant access to a larger team based on roles and profiles. In that case, you’re […]

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