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Elotek Systems

Elotek Systems is a manufacturers’ representative and solutions provider committed to selling and marketing of technical products including sensors, measuring instruments, data acquisition, power management and conditioning and telemetry instrumentation.  Markets include mil/aero, industrial, medical and OEM’s. They service the thirteen Western States including Alaska and Hawaii.

The Challenge

Elotek used a database developed over 30 years ago that migrated from platform to platform as hardware and operating systems evolved.  Although functional, support was lagging and there was concern that the developer would not be in a position to support the software indefinitely.  Some of the issues included:

  • Lack of responsive support.
  • Change of management which led to lack of understanding by the developer.
  • Too many sloppy development errors leading to loss of data credibility.
  • Slow system, stored on a local server. A cloud-based version was available, but loss of confidence prevented the switch.
  • Elotek was looking for a performance-based system with a high degree of confidence that there would be long term support.

They needed to switch to Salesforce for stability and to modernize their process.

Why CloudMyBiz?

CloudMyBiz, a leader in the world of cloud-based technology, develops custom business solutions built on the Salesforce platform and helps companies implement and upgrade their systems at an affordable cost. Through its team of Salesforce development and implementation experts, CloudMyBiz had the right tools to implement Salesforce for Elotek, and custom tailor it to the client’s specific needs. Further, CloudMyBiz had the knowledge and experience to deeply analyze Elotek’s complex business process and recommend fixes and alterations. CloudMyBiz was able to develop workflows, process logic and automations for significant system improvement as well as consult on general best practices.

The Result

When the implementation went live, the team at Elotek was surprised that the transition was reasonably smooth with few glitches. This was a testament to the thorough planning and preparation process. They now had:

  • Total visibility of data
  • In depth tracking and reporting for all sales
  • Improved customer and lead management
  • A revamped order management system, including click to quote and quote order functionality.


In addition to these essential business improvements, CloudMyBiz built out a number of custom features:


A Commission Statement Wizard and Automations.

  • A process that previously involved manually entering commission items from excel sheets would take Elotek up to 3 days to complete
  • With the new wizard and automation that automatically build commissions and accounts, the process was reduced from 3 days to 3 hours!

Sophisticated Scorecards 

  • Sales cards that could track by month and year
  • Monthly Performance scorecards for the entire business.

The many changes implemented by CloudMyBiz solved the significant challenges that Elotek’s previous system was causing. With their new advanced processes, Elotek was able to work faster and smarter. The solution provided by CloudMyBiz has given Elotek the streamlined foundation to scale, grow and thrive.  



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