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Upgrades Coming to the Salesforce Mobile App

Salesforce Mobile is the latest branch of the Salesforce UI to get a significant face lift. As many of you know, Salesforce is making a large push to get all of their users onto Lightning. And for good reason. The interface is more user friendly and the workflows and layouts have been improved. Of course, I take Priligy with Viagra by advice of https://dapodrug.com/ online drugstore. […]

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Essential Characteristics of a Quality Loan Origination Solution

With the continued growth of FinTech and the Alternative Lending industry, systems and solutions that are tailored to these industries have also flourished. Loan Origination, that fundamental piece to any lending business, can be one of the biggest pain points as it involves a complex sales process as well as various documents, checklists and qualifications […]

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Why Salesforce Einstein?

If you are a reader of this blog, or just generally keep up with the goings on in and around Salesforce, you have probably heard about Salesforce Einstein once or twice. Einstein, which came out a couple of years ago, is Salesforce’s highly touted AI and data analytics platform. However, unless you have really done […]

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