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App of the Week – No WiFi? No problem. Never lose a Lead with iCapture for Salesforce

Generating new leads is critical for growing any business, and because of this many companies invest a lot of resources into finding great future customers.  Whether it’s tradeshows, conventions or walking around your local mall, many of the best leads come from face-to-face interaction.  The problem is making sure that all of these great new […]

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App of the Week – Update records in record time with One Click Update for Salesforce

Salesforce is awesome! The things it can do to streamline your processes and make your business more efficient and profitable are staggering. From sending faxes to generating contracts to distributing workloads and more, Salesforce can really bring your business to the next level. But one of the biggest complaints I hear from end users is […]

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Tip of the Week – Maps in Salesforce will be a game changer Spring ’15

More than just communicating with clients and tracking sales, Salesforce serves as a powerful central repository for client information. Salesforce gives you standard Address fields on all Lead, Contact, and Account records to easily store addresses, and has even released a feature that lets you get directions in Salesforce1 with the click of a button. […]

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