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App of the Week – Clicks not code to schedule Apex jobs in Salesforce with JobBook

Apex jobs are an incredible tool for bringing your Salesforce to a whole new level. Standard Apex lets you run complex code automatically when you make certain updates in Salesforce (through Triggers), or create custom buttons, Visualforce pages, and much more. With scheduled Apex, you can run bulk updates on your data, integrate with external […]

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App of the Week – Advance your metrics with Sales History Advanced Dashboard in Salesforce

Your metrics tell you a lot about your company’s successes and areas for growth. Reports are great for crunching hard data, but Dashboards help you really visualize what that information means in dollars and cents. There are hundreds of ways to build dashboards, and it can be a little intimidating getting started. You may already […]

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Tip of the Week – Empower your team with sales tips and quotes from the team at Salesforce

“There is incredible power in leading with research and leading with relevance.” “Today’s inside sales teams must continue to take the lead on embracing and adopting the technology that will help advance the sales process and profession.” “When you’re coaching your sales reps, make sure your feedback is timely, consistent, objective, accurate, individualized and relevant.” […]

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