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App of the Week – From Salesforce to smartphone in seconds with QR for Contacts & Leads

Let’s get real, who doesn’t have a smart phone these days!? Toddlers are playing Angry Birds, centenarians are FaceTiming, and everyone in between basically lives on a steady diet of selfies and text messages. With our lives getting more mobile, being tied down to your desktop can be a drag. And if you need to get a […]

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Tip of the Week – Get the Salesforce mobile experience from your desktop with the Salesforce1 Simulator

One of my favorite things about Salesforce is the immediate feedback. Whether you’re an end user, system administrator, or developer, every update is registered almost instantly. There’s rarely a need to wait for anything you do to be reflected in the system, meaning rapid development and seamless upgrades and improvements. But if your team uses […]

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App of the Week – Instantly improve your sales process with Opportunity Enhancer for Salesforce

Workflow automation and validation rules are powerful tools for enhancing and enforcing your process flow. They can simplify enforcement of naming conventions and help ensure your team is entering the correct information each step of the way. But these tools will only get you so far, and can fall short when, for example, you want […]

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