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App of the Week – Put a face to your contacts with Picture Uploader in Salesforce

In today’s global market, phone calls and web conferences have all but replaced face-to-face meetings in many industries. With so much communication nonverbal in nature (I’ll let the experts talk to exact numbers), this can be a challenge.  But what’s more, we frequently will never see the face of the person we’re talking to, even […]

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App of the Week – Track chain of custody on proprietary data with ezCloudAudit for Salesforce

Whether you’re working with sensitive client data, observe strict non-disclosure policies, are developing a powerful app your competitors are licking their chops to get ahold of, or simply want to have a better understanding of what your team does while logged into Salesforce, the tools available for user tracking and audit logs in Salesforce are […]

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App of the Week – Bring Salesforce Chatter to the world with Social Translate

Salesforce Chatter is constantly gaining new and powerful tools to allow for collaboration and communication between internal users and customers alike. If your team or customer base are scattered across the four corners of the globe, however, collaboration and communication have a tendency to clash with language barriers. Maybe the answer you need is in […]

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