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App of the Week – OneMob – Video, Document and Content Engagement Platform

Have you wanted to make your content more engaging and personal to your customers? One way to do it is with video! However, we aren’t all videographers or filmmakers, so how can you make effective sales and marketing video without hiring an expensive firm. OneMob gives you a wide variety of essential tools, functionality and […]

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App of the Week – PaymentConnect: Credit Card Processing, Payment Management

If you process financial transactions online, and via Salesforce, take a look at this feature app. The PaymentConnect app gives you a wide range of payment features, such as: taking credit card and ACH (echeck) payments over the phone or on the Web, and managed subscriptions and recurring billing. 100% native to Salesforce and with […]

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App of the Week – Dashboard Pal

For anyone using Salesforce, many of your favorite apps are probably all about functionality and getting things done. However, some apps are simple organizational items, that make getting things done quicker and easier. Meet the Dashboard Pal from Salesforce Labs. This lightweight app simply allows users a faster and better way to select which dashboards […]

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