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App of the Week – DayBack Calendar

Scheduling and prioritization are probably one of the most overlooked factors of success. Sure, we all know that scheduling is important and that it can be super stressful if your schedule isn’t balanced, but the real question is, how do you get it on track? One answer is with the DayBack Calendar. This app for […]

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App of the Week – Drag n Drop by Cloud Analogy

The Drag n Drop app is a great and easy way to add files to your Salesforce pages. Once installed, you can then drag and drop a file directly onto the page or object you want to add it to. The app also features an easy file manager option that lets you have greater and […]

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App of the Week – Draggin Role

For any admin who had a large volume of users to manage, you want to take a look at this week’s app. Setting up user roles, and them changing them is usually not quick or easy to visualize how its all organized. Unless of course, you have an app specifically designed to do that! Draggin […]

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App of the Week – Admin Graphics Pack

Ever wish that your Salesforce org could be more visually appealing? Try adding some graphics! This light and quick application contains hundreds of images and icons that can be used on a wide variety of objects and application within your Salesforce. Go ahead, give your org some flair! Graphics Pack contains hundreds of images / […]

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