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Tip of the Week – Data Privacy in Salesforce Becoming More Important Than Ever!

There is quite a bit of excitement in the blogosphere and Salesforce communities around the upcoming Spring ‘18 release. After all, it’s a big release and what’s not to be excited about? There are all sorts of improvements, features and customizations coming to your Salesforce org. However, some of the less sexy but still critical changes […]

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App of the Week – eSignAnyWhere for Document Signatures from Salesforce

The name pretty much says it all. This Salesforce native, Lightning ready app allows for easy document creation, integration and signing. Merge data from Salesforce objects, send documents to lists from a single click all while giving recipients the ability to receive and sign on any device. All of this, from inside Salesforce. eSignAnyWhere app […]

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App of the Week – “Clone This User” for a Faster Admin Process

Administrators often have lengthy and somewhat tedious processes to keep their companies running smoothly. Creating a new user profile is no exception. This app simplifies that process. Clone This User allows you to quickly clone an existing user profile, keeping the settings and permissions intact for the new profile. For whatever your use, from mass […]

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App of the Week – F-Secure Cloud Protection

Whether you are a large conglomerate, or a small business startup, everyone needs to protect their files from viruses and malware. Nothing can be more devastating that malware corrupting all your important data. Further, keeping in line with regulatory & internal GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) requirements can ensure  your peace of mind. You can […]

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App of the Week – Automate Sales Tax in Salesforce with Avalara AvaTax

Sales tax is mandatory in the US. Properly managing sales tax can be complex and costly for businesses. Avalara AvaTax aims to save you time, money and effort, by automating your tax management process. The system is an end-to-end solution, helping and automating the process from the initial calculation to electronic filing and payment. Avalara […]

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