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Remote Loan Management

Like many others that can’t get to their offices to work, lenders are finding it difficult to manage their day-to-day operations. How can we handle applications, evaluate borrowers, and service loans when all the information we need is sitting in a desktop computer or paper files? Loan management systems that are hosted in the cloud […]

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Breaking down Merchant Cash Advances & more!

As a Salesforce consultant specializing in Alternative Lending and Merchant Cash Advances, we often run across folks who aren’t familiar with the industry, or all of the nuances with how the funding works. Of course, regulation and legal concerns are always significant when we are talking about funding companies with large amounts on money. Sometimes, […]

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Is your underwriting team overloaded?

During the crisis, you may be seeing a surge in applications. At the same time, you may have set tighter lending criteria and be requiring more documentation to assess the creditworthiness of each borrower. The result is that it’s more difficult to make underwriting decisions quickly and accurately. Your team can be overwhelmed. One way […]

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