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App of the Week – Don’t just relate, celebrate with these birthday reminder apps for Salesforce

It’s hard to keep on top of birthdays in your personal life. Friends, spouses, children, parents, cousins, sometimes it feels like every day is somebody’s birthday. If you try to add your clients and professional contacts to that mix, the calendar on your iPhone may just explode, and no doubt you’re going to miss a few important ones. If you keep birthdays in Salesforce, you could always create a report or dashboard, but then any time you want to see what’s coming up, you’re going to have to stop what you’re doing to navigate to a new page. This is going to slow you down if you want to send out “happy birthday” messages. Well, Birthdays Reminder by Tecnics Consulting Inc. and BirthdayAlert by CloudClickware are two solutions which might be just what you need to quell the madness.

Birthday Reminder
This is a nifty homepage sidebar app with some cute clipart to highlight today’s birthdays. You can do some quick navigating to find what’s coming up without ever leaving the page you’re looking at, which is a great feature. The functionality is 100% native salesforce, so you can use it with basically any license.

With this homepage component you will see list of contact birthdays occurring in next 30 days and you can change the number of days.

This app is very similar to Birthday Reminder. Like Birthday Reminder, you can navigate and customize straight from the sidebar. But this one is explicitly compatible with Person Accounts, so if your org uses that Salesforce feature, this might be the app for you.

  • View upcoming birthdays in the Salesforce sidebar for Contacts or PersonAccounts.
  • See birthday alerts for your owned Contacts/PersonAccounts or all Contacts/PersonAccounts.
  • Configure the number of days ahead to look for Contact/PersonAccount birthdays.

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