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App of the Week – Assignment Rules have never been easier with Round Robin Distributor for Salesforce


As we approach our 100th Tip and App of the Week, I’ve been spending some time looking back over posts from the last two years. Some have been exciting, some silly, some talking about new features, others presenting solutions to some everyday Salesforce problems. One subject we circle back on a lot is Assignment Rules. There’s a lot of ways to assign records, and it can be a challenge to get a solid method in place. There’s formulas, creative solutions, and even a couple apps available, and I’d like to present to you this new solution, Round Robin Distributor, which looks pretty promising!

RRD assigns leads/cases to live agents in real time based on a configurable business logic. Great app for distributing inbound leads & cases from chat, web and phone. Easy to configure & use. Intelligent Alerts and Dashboards for tracking and reporting.

Check out this new, free app today and let us know what you think!

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