Founder & Certified Salesforce Consultant

Henry Abenaim

Henry worked in the lending space for many years, as a GM of a startup company among other positions, before he hit upon the idea of CloudMyBiz in 2012. He noticed a large gap between traditional business systems and the new cloud based technology that was filling the market, and wanted to use that new potential to improve results for clients. As a result, he has seen huge impacts through advanced automations and integrations, leading to better service, better collaboration and all around improved business returns. When it comes to Salesforce, Henry believes in the platform 100%, and truly feels passionate towards using it. He loves the capability, speed and flexibility that he has when using Salesforce.

Henry prides himself on being honest and sincere. He wants business to be more than just a transaction of money for labor, but instead to be a real relationship between people and organizations. His vision for the company, and for life, is to always keep growing and developing and to never get complacent.

Originally from Montreal, he moved from the cold ski slopes to the California beaches, and loves that he almost never needs a sweater in winter. Originally (and still) a hockey fan, he has now seen the light, and become a passionate fan of American football. Henry can otherwise be found spending time with the his wife and 4 kids, travelling, and on occasion, drinking good Belgian beer.

Henry has the following certifications: Salesforce.com Certified Advanced Administrator, Salesforce.com Certified Service Cloud Consultant, Salesforce.com Certified Sales Cloud Consultant, Salesforce.com Certified Force.com Developer and Salesforce.com Certified Administrator



Operations, Finance & HR Manger

Ronnie Bar-Lev Rom

Ronnie is the office backbone here at CloudMyBiz. She has 12+ years of accounting experience as well as 6+ years of HR experience in various industries, such as real estate, restaurants and technology. Without her, the office would probably burst into flames. She’s that good. Although Ronnie is relatively new to Salesforce, in her time with CloudMyBiz she has learned a lot about the platform and keeps learning something new every day.

Outside of work, she can be found spending time with her kids, family and friends. If it’s an outdoor activity, she will be there. Parks, beaches, pools, you name it. When not exploring the world, she loves listening to music and dancing her feet off.



Business Development Manager

Dennis Mikhailov

Prior to CloudMyBiz, Dennis got his start in Business Development at IBIS world. After working there for almost 2 years, he came over to CloudMyBiz, where he now works as the Business Development Manager where he specializes at developing client relationships, overseeing sales, and just generally talking on the phone. He has around 5 years of experience with Salesforce and has a well rounded knowledge of the standard functions of the program. Except coding. No coding.

Dennis is very happy to have someone writing about him. Ecstatic in fact. In his free time, Dennis loves to travel, and does so as much as he can. Everything about the experience excites him, from visiting new cities and countries, learning about the cultures and eating the local food. Really, just being abroad and soaking in everything that travelling has to offer. When at home, he would rather be snowboarding or watching/playing ice hockey.



Sales Executive

Steve Rosenblatt

Steve spent a large part of his career in the Music Business, working as a VP of Sales and VP of Marketing at Capitol Records, a General Manager at Grand Royal Records, the VP of Marketing DreamWorks and General Manager at New West Records and just generally rocking out. He has worked with the likes of Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Beastie Boys, and At The Drive In, to name a few. His rock ‘n’ roll knowledge and sensibility is greatly appreciated in the office.

He has also worked as Head of Sales for Southern California for MetroEighteen, a company that installs home movie theaters and home automations.

CloudMyBiz is his first experience using Salesforce, although he was familiar with it before.

His free time usually includes hanging with his family, watching and going to sporting events as well as listening to music and going to concerts.




Senior Project Manager

Mike Walsh

Mike got his first taste of Project Management at Harbor Freight Tools building out their IVR for their customer service and inbound sales lines. Shortly after that, he moved on to work with backend software to support the selling of car parts online, as well as an electronic catalog for dealerships to showcase their accessories. He stayed there for a little over 3 years before coming to CloudMyBiz. He now attributes everything he knows about Salesforce (and life) to his experience here, at CloudMyBiz.

To sum up his hobbies, it is sports, sports and more sports. He played lacrosse in college but has since traded in the lacrosse stick for golf clubs. He watches just about anything sport related. When he isn’t golfing, he can usually be found listening to country music or spending time with family and friends.



Director of Solutions & Delivery

Jeffrey Morgenstein

Jeffrey has done a little of just about everything workwise. He has held jobs in Accounting, Insurance Sales, Phone Sales, Director of Sales and IT, all while doing IT Services Consulting on the side. As a result, he has a broad store of knowledge and experience. He started working with Salesforce back in 2011, when he was the only one at his old company that could use a computer. Thus, he became the de-facto admin and launched himself from there.

Around the office, Jeffrey is a man known to march to the beat of his own drum. Everyone orders a burger, he orders salad. Everyone is drinking a beer after work, he goes for vodka/soda.

Aside from work, Jeffrey spends as much time as he can with his wife and kids, mornings and evenings especially. Though it is difficult, they try to plan something different every weekend to get out of the house.

Jeffrey is a Certified Salesforce Administrator



Salesforce Business Analyst

Ben Druk

Ben has been working with Salesforce for over 3 years, most of it prior to his time with CloudMyBiz. Before this, he worked with two different media companies as well as a non-profit, handling a number of different duties, from Salesforce setup to IT to product development. He likes to continue his learning of all things Salesforce with sites such as TrailHead.

Ben finds himself checking Twitter quite a bit. But not obsessively, he thinks. Living in New York, he spends most of his days hustling through the big city. Fast enough to miss plenty, but at the same time slow enough to strike up conversation with many. Like most people, he loves to stop and take in the scenery and the beauty of the city, when the weather permits of course.



Salesforce Business Analyst

Sochy Eisenberg

Growing up as a bit of a techy kid, always working with computers and hardware, it’s no surprise that Sochy ended up as an experienced Salesforce Business Analyst. He always liked building things from an early age, which turned into building things online. He got his start building websites and working on site design, and over time, through his brother who needed database help with a Salesforce system, grew that experience and interest into his current position at CloudMyBiz.

Though he lives in Brooklyn, Sochy likes to get into the outdoors as much as possible. Whether, biking, hiking or just enjoying nature. Otherwise, he spends most of his free time at home, with his wife and daughter, relaxing. He tries to keep current with technology and blogs in that area. However, if you really want to understand Sochy, here is all you need to know:

“Google maps is definitely better than Waze. Android over Mac.”

Sochy is a Certified Salesforce Administrator


Tel: 646.402.6259

Lead Salesforce Developer

Scott Reed

Scott has been a software developer for over 4 years, working in a variety of industries before arriving at CloudMyBiz, such as a large payroll company, and a non-profit. Mostly self-taught, he found himself drawn to development after high school and slowly learned a number of different coding languages. When it comes to computers and development, he finds it all pretty interesting.

Outside of work, he has such unique hobbies as reading, playing guitar and watching Netflix. Super original Scott. However, he did take a recent 3 month trip to live and work in the Czech Republic. Both he and his fiancée loved it there, and want to go back for even longer. His real passion outside of work is gaming, primarily PC and old school consoles. He likes to play and beat all the old, very challenging games from his youth, such as Lion King and Quake. Especially Lion King.

Scott is a Certified Salesforce Developer

Head of Agile Delivery

Ivaylo Stanev

Ivaylo has spent over 15 years in IT, and most of the recent years in programming and development for Salesforce. He is an Agile Expert with 5+ years experience in Agile/Jira implementation. He can also be called upon for training and coaching new users on how to use these programs. He is a Certified ScrumMaster, an Accredited Kanban Practitioner and Management 3.0 trained.

On a weekend, you can probably find him spending time with his kids and watching movies. However, he does like to get outside as often as possible, taking time for walking, hiking and just being close to nature in general. Finally, he tries to travel as much as possible, which also gives him time to pursue a little bit of photography.

Content Writing

Ryan Kuhlman

While Ryan is relatively new to getting paid for writing, the act of putting pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, is not even close to new. He picked up his first serious journal some point early in college, and was hooked. Ever since he has always had a notebook and a pen either on him or somewhere nearby. Seriously, he’s kindof a pack animal, always carrying around a backpack with books, pens and notepads. He has been taking freelance writing gigs for around a year, and before that, has spent 8 years waiting tables under the sunny skies of L.A.

In his free time, Ryan can often be found thinking to himself “I should really be reading”, while his hands and eyes are focused on the video game he is playing. He loves the outdoors, camping and cooking elaborate meals for his girlfriend at home. Especially buffalo wings. Lots of buffalo wings. However his favorite thing to do, hands down, is travelling, and if anyone wants to pay him to travel, he will do it in a heartbeat. One day, he also hopes to be adult enough to get a dog.