Marketing Automation

CloudMyBiz can work with you to launch, deploy, and manage, a marketing automation solution to integrate with your Salesforce® CRM.

If you want to generate and qualify leads, increase conversion and shorten sales cycles, email your customer and/or prospect database, and track and monitor digital marketing campaigns, you should consider a marketing automation platform.

Some of the key features and benefits of using such a solution are:

  • Robust Email Marketing Tools

    Stimulate sales by creating and sending professional emails to your database. You can even customize creative with Dynamic Content.

  • Automated Marketing Campaign

    Stay in front of prospects without lifting a finger by building out automated trigger-based campaigns to decrease abandon and increase conversion.

  • Prospect Tracking & Analytics

    Real-time alerts lets your sales team will know when prospects are opening emails or visiting the site so they can focus attention to only the hottest prospects.

  • Lead Scoring and Grading

    Identify what prospects match your ideal customer profile and grade them accordingly so your team knows who to target.

  • Custom Landing Pages

    Quickly build custom landing pages and lead capture forms via a WYSIWYG editor. Optimize conversion through multivariate A/B testing.

  • Lead Nurturing Campaigns

    Make your sales team more efficient with email nurturing campaigns that will continue to touch prospects until the timing is right and they are sales-ready.

  • List segmentation

    Target the right audience with the right message by segmenting your customer and prospect databases.

  • Social Media Integration

    Track response and engagement from social postings to identify your most successful offers and messaging.

  • Detailed Reporting

    Understand the 360 degree view of all your marketing campaigns with powerful reporting for email, social, site traffic and any other measurable digital metrics.


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